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Collections is a personal database to organize everything.

The main goal of the app is providing a set of powerful tools within an easy-to-use interface. The database is highly customizable with 20+ field types including text, number, picture, date, lists, and more.

Why to use

You can use the app to organize your day, track your life or create libraries. Collections is a native iOS and macOS app, focused on performance and privacy.

  • Automatic synchronization over iCloud
  • Extensive support to Apple Shortcuts
  • Pictures and files
  • Formulas



The app is based on two fundamental components: Collections and Documents.

A Collection, an analogue term to table or database, is a container defined by a list of fields. A collection contains Documents.

A Document, an analogue term to row or record, is an object that has one or more values.

If you don't have any database knowledge, you can imagine a collection as a folder, and a document as a file.


A Field, an analogue term to column, represents the type of data such as text, number, date, and so on.

To keep data organized, each document in a collection uses the same pre-defined fields.


If you want to organize your books, Books is a collection containing all your books. Books is defined by the following fields: Name, Authors, Genre, Publisher and Published date.

A single Book is a document that stores Name (Harry Potter), Authors (J. K. Rowling), Genre (Fantasy) and so on.