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You can import files in CSV format by going in Settings → Import. Please visit Import CSV file for more info.

You can't, we are sorry. At the moment importing data into an existing collection is not supported.

You can't move a document to another collection, we are sorry. Each collection is a separate entity.

Yes, you can add multiple pictures with the Group field. Add a Group field and select Picture. Also, the Group field allows multiple values for any other field type.

The app doesn't have a full backup system. You can export data in CSV format, however, not all the fields are supported.

Data is safely stored on iCloud using the CloudKit framework. A local cache of the database is stored on device in a private folder.

You can't change location of the database or move it to a cloud service, we are sorry.

You can't, we are sorry. At the moment the app works only with one iCloud account.